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HTC Touch 2: Windows 6.5 in a sexy casing

Is there no stopping HTC? The Taiwan-based mobile giant has announced yet another touchscreen phone, the HTC Touch 2. It runs Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6.5, and boasts a large touchscreen. We’ve not had any hands-on experience with it yet but we can see from the pictures that HTC has elected to stick with its own TouchFLO 3D user interface instead of the standard Windows Mobile one.

Despite sounding like a certain Apple product, Microsoft’s My Phone allows you to save all your numbers, contact details and messages online, in a similar vein to O2’s Bluebook service — handy if you lose your phone or want to access information on a computer. Windows Marketplace is Microsoft’s answer to the iTunes App Store where you will be able to download third party applications directly to the Touch 2 via 3G or over Wi-Fi.

As well as being loaded with all these new Windows Mobile features, the HTC Touch 2 is also optimised for Web browsing. Web pages are rendered in a desktop style format so that they appear as they would on a computer screen. There is also a zoom touchscreen tool running along the bottom of the display, allowing you to zoom in on images or lines of text. The Touch 2’s browser also supports Flash, so you can use it to watch YouTube videos.

Other specs include a 3.2-megapixel camera with fixed focus (but no flash), GPS, a 3.5mm headphone jack, 512MB ROM and  256 RAM, a Qualcomm 528 MHz processor and a slot for microSD cards. The HTC Touch 2 will be available SIM-free from the 6th of October, but there’s been no word yet on which networks will be carrying it or how much it’ll cost. We assume it will be free on certain contracts.


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