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HTC video teases all-new One ahead of its official launch tomorrow

The successor to the 2013 HTC One is set to launch tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy HTC’s latest videos, teasing at the talents and tricks this new handset will offer.

As all serious smartphonephiles will no doubt be aware, tomorrow is a big day in the annals of Android, as the eagerly awaited all-new HTC One finally arrives. Keen to whet appetites ahead of the launch, the brains behind the next big thing in phones have released what appears to be the last in a series of teaser videos that gently takes the mickey out of technobabble and hints heavily at upgrades to the new flagship’s Zoe mode.

HTC One teaser

For those not in the know, Zoe is HTC’s utterly ingenious automatic photo and video editing package. Saving users from having to make more of an effort and, indeed, saving friends of users from having to endure an overdose of other people’s photos and overly long videos, Zoe cuts all captured media down into shorter, infinitely more bearable video packages which can then be sent on to long suffering associates.

As translated from geek-speak in the teaser video, Zoe marries up photos and HD videos and applies a smart algorithm which adds visual effects and mashes the whole lot into a neat little memory-stirring montage that acts as a summary of an entire event or occasion.

Sadly, however, whilst the video goes to great lengths to focus on Zoe, explaining what it is, how it works and how the all new HTC One will build on her abilities to offer an even slicker photo and video stitching service, not a single clue is given away as to how it has been improved or what new features we can expect from it. And that, in a nutshell, is why it’s called a ‘teaser’.

Zoe teaser video

Fortunately though, we only have to wait until tomorrow to discover Zoe’s new talents in full, and indeed what HTC’s new numero uno will be bringing to the smartphone party above and beyond the brilliant and tricky to top original One. Roll on tomorrow!


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