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HTC Wildfire S: What’s in the box?

White iPhone 4? Schmite iPhone 4. We’ve just gotten hold of our HTC Wildfire S review sample, resplendent in lovely pearly white, and guess what it didn’t take nearly a year to arrive either.

As you can see, it’s not just the phone that comes in white – the charger, USB cable, headphones, the whole lot are all colour co-ordinated with the Wildfire S itself. One thing that you immediately notice about the Wildfire S is how small it is. It’s positively tiny. Not record-breakingly small, like the sWaP Nova, but pretty darn small all the same.

To give you an idea of its size, we’ve thrown in some bonus pictures as well as giving it the usual What’s In The Box?-ing.

As well as coming in minty fresh white, the HTC Wildfire S is also available in a mauvey-purpley colour and a metallic dark grey. Click through for some more hands on pics to whet your appetite before we publish our full review.

The WIldfire S’s inside bits. The metal tray keeps the SIM card snug and secure, and the side-loading microSD slot means that you can indulge in some hot swapping. No need to take the battery out to pop a new memory card in – always a plus. You will need to take the battery cover off however.

The HTC Wildfire S is pretty darn small. Barely bigger than a business card and super-lightweight. We like it.

For a better ide of the Wildfire S’s size, here it is side by side against a Nexus One and an HTC Desire S.

As soon as we entered our Google Account details in our Wildfire S, it started downloading all of our usual apps, like the Maneki Neko widget here. Unfortunately, you don’t get a big golden cat included with every HTC Wildfire S.

The HTC Wildfire S feels impossibly light and compact.

The microUSB port is located ‘neath the volume rocker on the Wildfire S.

The multi-part USB mains adapter in its fully evolved form. Charge it from the mains at home or charge it from the office on your work computer (so long as your boss is cool with that).

Standard 3.5mm headphones with a mute button on the remote and foam pads for extra comfort.


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