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Huawei P20 and P20 Pro Tips & Tricks: Best features explored!

Huawei’s P20 and P20 Pro flagship phones rock the latest version of Emotion UI. This Android overlay is absolutely stuffed full of useful features, if you know where to look. This P20 and P20 Pro tips and tricks guide takes a closer look at some of our favourite features, to get you started with your shiny new handset.

Screen shenanigans

That mighty 6.1-inch OLED display can be tweaked to your liking in quite a few different ways.

Head to the Display section of the P20 Pro’s settings to get started. In here your first stop should be the Colour & Eye Comfort section, up top.

From here you can activate the Natural Tone feature. This uses the light sensor to monitor your surroundings, and adjust the colour warmth to suit. So in darker conditions, the display will offer warm visuals which are more comfortable on your eyeballs.

Speaking of which, you also have the Eye Comfort mode. This automatically performs the same function in the evenings, or can be activated on demand.

And if you prefer more realistic colour reproduction, jump into the Colour Mode and Temperature option. This is set to vivid by default, so you’ll want to switch to normal.

Back in the display settings, head to the Notch section. This allows you to mask that pokey notch at the top of the display, if you’re not a fan.

Tidy desktops, tidy mind

By default, the P20 Pro lacks an apps tray to tidy away all of your apps. Not good, but thankfully easily fixed. Just head to the settings menu and then tap Display, followed by Home Screen Style. You can then bring back that tray.

Safe and secure

As well as the fingerprint sensor, the P20 also boasts a really good face unlock feature for more flexible security.

Head to the Security section of the settings menu and you’ll find this feature. Setup is super quick; just make sure you’re in a well lit environment, so the front-facing camera can cleanly scan your mug. With that done, you can decide whether the face unlock automatically activates when the display turns on, or if you need to swipe the screen first.

Note that there are some other nifty security features buried away inside that menu too. For instance, the Private Security tool can be used to secrete away private files that you don’t want anyone else to see.

Gesture support

EMUI 8 offers all kinds of cool shortcuts and gestures which help with the everyday usability of the P20 Pro.

Most of these are buried away inside of the Smart Assistance section. Head there to find the One Handed Mode, which can reduce your desktops and make them easier to poke and swipe. You’ll also find various other voice controls and gesture support, some of which are very handy. If you take a lot of screenshots for instance, you can do so by knocking twice on the display with your knuckle.

Check out all of these features and more handy tips in our P20 Pro tips and tricks video guide below.


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