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Huawei P20 Lite Tips & Tricks: Best features explored!

While the Huawei P20 Lite doesn’t pack quite as many features as the standard P20 smartphone, you’ll still find loads of great tools crammed into the Emotion UI. This is one smart little blower and our P20 Lite tips guide reveals our pick of the most useful features.

Android already allows smartphone users complete customisation and control over their handsets. You can rearrange your desktops however you like, for instance, or tinker with widgets and themes. You can even add a whole new overlay to complete rework the design.

Huawei has its personal overlay called Emotion UI, which is slathered on top of Android in Huawei’s own devices. EMUI 8.0 comes packed onto the new P20 Lite, adding lots of funky features to Google’s OS.

You can see these in action in our complete P20 Lite tips and tricks video, just below.

Setup and shortcuts

One of the first things we tell new owners of Huawei smartphones to do is bring back the apps tray. This is deactivated by default, which means your desktops are cluttered to start with. By adding the apps tray, you can clear away these hides and hide them from view until needed.

To do this, head to the settings and then Display, and then Home Screen Style. Here you’ll find the Apps Drawer option.

Once that’s done, get to know your Lite’s shortcuts. For instance, head to the Motion Controls section of the Smart Assistance tab inside of the settings menu. In here you’ll find toggles for muting or answering phone calls by flipping over or raising the device.

You’ll also find the nifty one-handed mode tucked away inside the Smart Assistance section. This allows you to shrink your desktops and apps towards the bottom of the P20 Lite’s display. Very useful when you’re trying to do things with only one mitt.

Huawei P20 Lite Tips

Security essentials

Huawei has also added some well-designed security features to the P20 Lite. Head to the Security & Privacy section of the settings menu and you’ll find them squirreled away.

For instance, as well as using that rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, you’ll find an option for Face Unlock. This can detect and recognise your mug using the front-facing camera instead. Handy if your fingers are wet or covered up.

You’ll also find the likes of File Safe, which encrypts your confidential files.

For more Huawei P20 Lite tips and tricks, check out our full video guide above and on Recombu’s YouTube channel.


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