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Huawei P50 images are out, and the internet is roasting the quirky camera

Huawei has teased a flagship smartphone with a daringly different design, but commentators can’t help but criticise the camera’s new look.

Once upon a time, mobile phones came in all shapes and sizes and seemed to flip and slide in all directions. Now, by contrast, we’re living in a world of interchangeable glossy black slabs, but one brand has at least dared to experiment radically with the camera module; and much like whenever I tried to set a new fashion trend in those difficult adolescent years, their reward is to be mercilessly mocked.

As you can see from the unveiling video above, the cameras take up a huge amount of space, with the two large black circular modules dominating the back panel of the phone as we’ve never seen before and almost giving the appearance of being a camera with a phone attached, rather than the other way around.

No sooner had the divisive design made its debut than social media users started tearing it to shreds, though it has still won over some defenders who admired the decisive change of direction.

The most common joke was to compare the cameras to an induction hob, given the obvious resemblance. Mobile phone reviewers everywhere are rubbing their hands at this very moment, with all sorts of culinary metaphors stewing in their minds. But of all the things to resemble, a kitchen appliance isn’t the worst imaginable.

On the other hand, having a phone that looks like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys is a bit more worrisome, although if its appearance belies an incredible performance in the same way this character subverts expectations then it could be a real winner.

Another interpretation saw the phone recast as David Guetta’s decks for a DJ set in miniature. Let’s hope the device’s speakers really are that good.

In a rather more niche reference, this user noted its similarity to Xbox’s adaptive controllers for gamers with limited mobility.

However, this user wasn’t the only one to draw attention to the fact that camera seems to have somewhat taken over the phone with this design in the manner of a strange chimera, and that’s the fundamental issue that many people had with the revamp.

Do you share the scepticism that greeted this smartphone’s launch? Or do you reckon it’s an least a step in a bold and interesting new direction? Let us know what you think in the poll below.



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