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Humble Mobile Bundle offers Tin Man Adventure games for Android

You can bag yourself ten Tin Man adventure games for your Android phone or tablet with Humble Bundle’s latest mobile apps deal.

If you’re over thirty and a bit of a nerd, chances are you remember the classic choose your own adventure books popularised by authors such as Steve Jackson. You know the kind: you’re confronted by an angry vole determined to chew on your fleshy bits. Turn to page 347 to smite it with your mace of hurting or page 183 to fill your barbarian boxers and leg it.

Well, Tin Man has done sterling work in converting these much-loved paperbacks into mobile games and the latest Humble Bundle mobile offer serves up ten of its best adventures, which you can pick up from as little as a penny (if you’re a massive cheapskate).

The choice of games is suitably diverse, from the full-on fantasy Orlandes games to more comedic efforts like Ryan North’s To Be Or Not To Be (a hilariously gruesome take on Shakespeare). You can even bag yourself a Judge Dredd adventure, if you want to go around saying ‘Drokk’ a lot and shoot people in the face for next to no reason.

A word of warning: these games can be ridiculously tough. Don’t be surprised if you make it right to the end before dying spectacularly because you forgot to pick your nose at the very start. These games don’t f**k around, but then they’re immensely replayable so it’s not a bad thing.

You’ll need to pay $9 for the full Tin Man collection on offer, with more titles promised before the deal runs out. This Humble Mobile Bundle is supporting two great charities, SpecialEffect and the able gamers foundation, both dedicated to helping disabled gamers pursue their passion. We can vouch that $9 is a great deal for these titles (which often sell for close to a fiver each on the App Store and Google Play) so dig deep if you can.


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