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I Love Katamari available on Windows Phone 7

We’re not sure why Microsoft preferred not to mention this addition to its gaming folder; the psychadelic joy of i Love Katamari has arrived on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

Joining the iPhone version, the aim is to roll your sticky ball over as many things as possible, starting with the small things and working up.

At first, this means you’ll only be able to add the odd mahjong tile, rubber or chewing gum pack, butby the end of the level, you’re rolling up cats and plant pots. Or elephants and cars – depending on the scale of the level.

This version of Katamari has chosen to assign steering controls through your phone, with some minimal buttons to strafe and quickly turn 180 degrees. Though it’s not as responsive as console versions, and taking a while to get used to, it stands up relatively well, and you aren’t constantly covering the screen with your fingers, meaning you can see where you’re going.

Level requirements can range from capturing a specific item in your ‘katamari’ to making your ‘katamari’ a certain minimum size. The game has an inspired soundtrack, and there’s a amazing amount of detail to the items you ‘stick’ up along the way, though it’s a shame the textures are often a bit rough around the edges.

One of the big mysteries is why WinPho7 users have to fork out £5.49, while iPhone users can get the same stuff for £2.99. But given the currently limited selection of top-end games, it’s a reliable purchase for your phone.



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