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Ice Cream Sandwich already ported to Galaxy S II, LG Optimus 3D

Samsung may have confirmed via Twitter that the Galaxy S II will definitely see Ice Cream Sandwich down the road, but we’re not going to lie: we’re impatient. Chances are you are too.

Never fear, Android fan. Hackers and modders the world over jumped straight to work after the Ice Cream Sandwich public code dropped, and the fruits of their labours are starting to take shape. The Galaxy S II already has a working alpha port of Google’s latest snack time treat, as does the LG Optimus 3D.

Granted, everything is far from finished. Basic functionality is there, but radios such as Bluetooth and WiFi aren’t working – yet. But the nice people on the internet continue to work on the port hour by hour, with fixes and tweaks constantly being made.

Check out the videos below for a glimpse of the ICS ports in action.



Source: Engadget


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