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Ice Cream Sandwich: Roboto through a lens

Roboto. The typeface expected to populate the majority of the world’s Android Phones in 2012. Glenn Fleishman, graphic design graduate and freelance journalist has taken it upon himself to give us an insight into a designer’s take on Roboto, Google’s newly created typeface for Android 4.0.

In the face of considerable backlash upon release, Roboto has marched on as an integral part of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Ice Cream Sandwich experience. We think it complements the UI beautifully, with the subtle narrowing, angled tails and not too much fine detail adding just enough individuality to distinguish the typeface and functionality to better optimise it for screen. That said, not everyone has been so adorning, with sites far and wide accusing Google of pilfering from the Helvetica camp and further highlighting Apple’s supreme rule over all things design.

In a turn for the books however, Fleishman documents his own epiphany. Following an initial recoil when exposed to Roboto, with investigation, exposure and finally appreciation, he not only comes around, but becomes something of an advocate for the typeface. Head over to Boing Boing to check out the beautifully illustrated and presented crash course on type loaded with Android related quotes from Head Designer Christian Roberson and UX Chief Matias Duarte.

Source: Boing Boing Image: Google +


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