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IFA 2014: all the new phones, tablets and gadgets we’re hoping to see

What the hell is IFA 2014 and why should I care? We tell you all you need to know about this huge techy tradeshow, and what you can expect to see from Sony, Samsung, Nokia and the other massive smartphone players…

What is IFA 2014?

IFA is a massive annual trade show that focuses on all kinds of tech, from TVs to toothbrushes, mobiles to…something else beginning with M. It all takes place in a horrifying drab venue in Berlin, which is notoriously difficult to navigate and sucks the very soul of the weary journalists who tread its halls, thanks in large part to the overpriced ‘food’ and constant grey decor.

IFA in Berlin 2014 will have big phone and tablet launches from Sony, Samsung, LG, HTC and more

When is IFA 2014?

In 2014, the IFA show kicks off on Wednesday September 3rd for press, and continues until Friday September 5th, after which it opens to the public.

Most of the big techy announcements, especially the mobile-related ones, take place on the Wednesday – that’s when the likes of Samsung, Sony, Asus and Panasonic will take to the stage. Hence, by Thursday our fingers are normally whittled down to stubs from excessive frantic typing.

What’s going to be launched at IFA 2014?

A lot of stuff!

So far we’ve had confirmation that Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Asus, and probably even more manufacturers will be launching smartphone/tablet goodies on Wednesday September 3rd, and Lenovo and Huawei will be unveiling new kit on Thursday September 4th. Nokia will also be launching some new phones at some point.

Here’s our complete what-are-these-dudes-launching-at-IFA-2014 guide, in alphabetical order…

Asus at IFA 2014

Asus is the most unpredictable out of all the mobile manufacturers, so god only knows what we’ll see emerge from its IFA 2014 press event. Chances are good that we’ll see some tablets, and most likely at least one hybrid tablet/laptop, but will we see a new Padfone too?

IFA 2014 what is it and what to expect from Sony Samsung HTC LG and more

The Asus IFA 2014 press launch will happen on Wednesday 3rd September, so all will be revealed then.

Lenovo/Motorola at IFA 2014

Since Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google, we’ve taken great interest in this Chinese firm. Chances are Lenovo will use the Motorola name to launch new phones in the UK and Europe, and we’re betting big on the new Motorola Moto G2 launching at IFA this year.

If the Moto G2 can take the fantastic original and add a better camera, maybe a sexy new design, and iron out some of the kinks already addressed by the Moto G 4G, we could be looking at a truly formidable mid-range phone offering incredible value for money.

All will become clear from 2pm on Thursday 4th September.

LG at IFA 2014

We’re expecting to see at least a couple of new devices from LG in Berlin this year, possibly including the LG G3 Prime, an updated version of the five-star G3.

IFA 2014 what is it and what to expect from Sony Samsung HTC LG and more

You can also expect some mid-range handsets, and here’s hoping that LG surprise us with some more crazy innovations. After all, this is the company that gave us the world’s first ‘Quad HD’ smartphone, and bendy mobile.

Nokia at IFA 2014

We already know that two new camera-centric Windows Phone handsets will be unveiled by Nokia/Microsoft Devices at IFA 2014 – one of them a new PureView model, the other a cheapy handset with a sharp selfie cam.

Samsung at IFA 2014

For Samsung, the Berlin trade show is all about the Galaxy Note phablet. So, this year we’ll predictably see the curtain pulled back on the Galaxy Note 4, which apparently will be even bigger than its predecessors, and also warn you when you’re at risk of sunburn.

IFA 2014 what is it and what to expect from Sony Samsung HTC LG and more

We’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha to be announced separately, most likely in the coming month. The Alpha version of Samsung’s flagship will likely sport a classy metallic body, just like the HTC One M8 – good to hear Samsung ditching that iffy plastic look at last. Although it’s rumoured that the S5 Alpha may never hit the UK

Sony at IFA 2014

We’ll be heading to IFA 2014 with Sony, and after last year’s Xperia Z1 launch, we’re hoping for yet more greatness.

The Xperia Z1 has already been superseded by the Xperia Z2, earlier in 2014, but we might still see another new premium handset (presumably called the Xperia Z3), and  and we’re really hoping for a new mini device – the Xperia Z2/Z3 Compact.

IFA 2014 what is it and what to expect from Sony Samsung HTC LG and more

We could also see more NFC camera lenses, if the invite is anything to go by…

Sony’s press conference will kick off 4.15pm on Wednesday September 3rd.


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