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iHeadphones introduce Bedphones, the headphones you wear to bed

Here’s one for the Christmas stocking: a pair of headphones designed to be comfortable enough to wear to bed.

Designed for those of us who like a spot of music as we drift off of an evening, Bedphones consist of a super-light frame and thick foam padding for minimum discomfort when they’re squashed against the bed by the user’s noggin. The earpieces are held in place by over-ear hooks that mould themselves to the wearer’s ears. There’s even a bundled eyemask for maximum sleep efficiency – we likey.

We’ll have to try them out for ourselves before we sing their praises too highly, but we’re fans of the concept – too many times have we had earphones dislodge on the pillow or the worry that we’ll roll over on our pricey cans and snap them. Bedphones are available from with an RRP of £29.99.



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