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iKamasutra Club is an iPhone social network for lovers

Apple’s rules on adult content within its App Store are well known, and now published. “If you want to describe sex, write a book or a song, or make a medical app,” the company told developers in its recent set of guidelines.

We’re not sure iKamasutra Club counts as medical, per se, but it’s certainly taking a more educational approach to the beast with two backs. Not least by aiming to teach people how to make it a beast with one back, one front, and limbs flailing about like a catherine wheel (for example).

It’s a bit like a Foursquare for sex. The idea is that people sign up, and browse the database of Kamasutra positions, checking out which ones are most popular in their local area.

“Read and write comments about the positions you try. Look up what other members are doing, you can even follow them! Or why not track your own progress? Complete with goals, feedback and activity maps!”

It’s the gamification of lovemaking. Sort of. There are suitably tasteful diagrams and slideshows, and a ‘shake to get a random position’ feature for adventurous types. You can even hook the app up to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, if you’d like to let the wider world know how you were getting jiggy last night.


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