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In-app purchases coming to Android apps, Angry Birds Mighty Eagle update soon?

In-app purchases, the ability to pay for extra content and new levels, was the final thing to be announced at Google’s event. This should see developers able to potentially earn a bit of extra cash, thus improving quality of apps all round, as well as bringing extra features to customers.

Google plans to push this feature out to the Market soon, with Disney’s popular Tap Tap Revenge supporting it from launch.

We imagine this means that you’ll be able to get the Mighty Eagle on Angry Birds for Android at some point.

The Mighty Eagle is an in-app purchase announced by Rovio last September, and available now on the iPhone edition of the game. The Eagle allows you to clear a stage for 59p; said mighty bird flaps down and wipes out the entire stage – a bit like a more expensive, less impressive Final Fantasy summon.

Rovio has been good to Android users in the past, giving Angry Birds away for free and all that. So we imagine that they’re already cracking on with an update for this as we speak.


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