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Infinity Blade 2 launching on iPhone and iPad December 1st

We’ve got news that Infinity Blade 2 for iPhone and iPad users is winging its way over to us next week. Hailed as more of “refined art experience” then a game, Blade Infinity 2 is set to hit the Apple App Store on 1st December.

The makers, Chair, have gone all out and released an impressive two minute trailer for the game. Within the trailer we hear insights from Creative Director Donald Mustard, Artistic Director Adam Ford and Technical Director Geremy Mustard. For them the sequel promises “an artistic experience” through a “timeless amazing adventure” and they liken the adventure to a renaissance like the iPhone was for gaming- where do we sign up?

The game takes you on a journey through a new world, battling various beasts along the way, and if its predecessor is anything to go by, is one of the most impressive life-like games on the market for iPad and iPhone gamers.

So what is different and how can Chair build on its original, which now costs, just £1.99? Well for starters the game sits on the powerful new A5 chip from Apple, meaning the makers can create a more realistic and thumb-numbing experience for iOS gamers. Plus you’ve got to admit, it looks pretty darn good from the trailer…

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