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INQ ditching the Cloud Q, to “focus efforts on future products”

INQ, makers of the exceptionally quirky Cloud Touch has revealed that it’s pulled the plug on its Cloud Q phone. Announced last year alongside the Cloud Touch (one of our favourites from 2011, pictured above), the Cloud Q never materialised.

Boasting a smaller 2.6-inch touchscreen and a full Qwerty keyboard, the INQ Cloud Q was another of the so-called Facebook phones that offered a unique twist on Android-Facebook integration. But after having languished for nearly a year, the Cloud looks to have been permanently retired to the great mobile phone shop in the sky.

Speaking to Electric Pig, INQ said that the Android 2.2 Froyo-powered phone had been cancelled; “After a lot of analysis through the back end of 2011 we made a tough decision to pull the Cloud Q from the INQ roadmap to focus efforts on our future products,” said a spokesperson.

No word on what these future products may be, but we’d expect to see those Facebook social elements, some of which have since been released on the Android Market, to be revamped and reworked for Ice Cream Sandwich.

A UI incorporating elements from Facebook Timeline would look great – especially on a tablet – but given that HTC seems to be Facebook’s BFF of the moment, it’s hard to say how close to the INQ experience Facebook integration will be going forwards.

The spokesperson said to Electric Pig that there are no plans to show off anything at Mobile World Congress, but at least one future product is thought to be unveiled in the second half of 2012.

Source: Electric Pig


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