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INQ Mobile’s INQ Social Sync, People and Social Suite apps on Android Market. Give your phone the INQ look

We loved the INQ Cloud Touch when we first got to play with it earlier this year. As Android phones go it was one of the most adventurous user interface overhauls this side of HTC Sense and it cleverly integrated Facebook information into the fabric of the phone’s layout, way before we saw anything else like it. Mango? Facebook Inside Xperia? INQ got there first.

Now you can get a taste of this on virtually every Android phone out there. INQ Mobile has put the Social Sync, People and Social Suite apps up on the Android Market for gratis.

This allows you to pin the news feed to your homescreen, underneath the People, Events, Notifications and Places shortcuts, like on the INQ Cloud Touch, or wherever you want on your homescreens.

You don’t quite get everything that you do on the Cloud Touch. There Facebook/Calendar integration hasn’t made the jump. When you tap on the Events icon, you just get a quick shortcut to the Events page on the official Facebook for Android app.

We’d also like to see that colourful settings menu get ported as well, along with that inky black unlocker.

And we may well yet; there’s also a fourth INQ Software Alerts app available to download. This promises to keep you all up to date with all the latest updates from the INQ teams. So hopefully we’ll see more of INQ’s unique UI make the transition.

The app descriptions for Social Sync, People and the Social Widgets Suite are all described as being beta releases, so expect some changes to these apps pretty soon.

We’ve tested this out on our LG Optimus 3D – we’ll be testing it out on a Sony Ericsson Android phone with Facebook Inside Xperia installed to see how the two services sit with each other.


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