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iOS 10 in a nutshell: Every new iPhone feature launched by Apple at WWDC 2016

Apple has just launched iOS 10 at WWDC 2016, with a bunch of updates to features such as the lock screen, Siri, Photos, Messages and Maps, as well as all-new features such as the Home app. Here’s our round-up of all of the new iOS 10 features, including the best updates and random little changes you may have missed. Emoji fans will be particularly overjoyed.

Lock screen updates in iOS 10

When you raise your wrist, iOS 10 will automatically wake your iPhone so you can see any waiting notifications. Even better, these are now interactive notifications. So for instance, 3D Touch a calendar invite that’s popped up and you can accept it right there, as well as check out the location on a map and so on. You can even respond to messages right there in the lock screen in iOS 10. Presumably this will be an optional feature, of course, as you don’t want strangers accessing your messages if you lose your iPhone.

The new iOS 10 lock screen also support third-party apps like Uber, which offers live status updates so you don’t need to constantly unlock your iPhone.

In iOS 10 you also get easier, super-fast access to your camera and favourite widgets. Just swipe right from the lock screen and you jump into camera and swipe left and you see your widgets, which again can be 3D Touched for more info.

3D Touch updates in iOS 10

3D Touch is kind of limited in iOS 9, with few apps supporting it, in a seriously restricted form. Now more apps will support 3D Touch from the iPhone’s desktops thanks to iOS 10. So for instance, you can enjoy some live video action from ESPN, as well as live score updates and so on, without opening the app.

Siri updates in iOS 10

Excitingly, Siri is now being opened up to developers for iOS 10, so soon Siri can be used to issue commands in third-party apps. For instance, you’ll be able to book an Uber through Siri, or send money to friends (if you’re brave), or start a Skype call. We’re expecting loads of devs to make use of Siri, to really make her useful.

QuickType updates in iOS 10

Siri intelligence is also coming to the Apple iOS keyboard in iOS 10. For instance, in a message chat, Siri will be able to offer up your GPS location if someone asks where you are, or automatically fill out a calendar event based on a conversation you’ve just had with someone about meeting for lunch.

Multilingual typing is now supported too, so you can switch languages on the fly without fiddling around in the iPhone or iPad’s settings.

Photos updates in iOS 10

With iOS 10, Apple’s Photos app is now a lot more like Google Photos. So for instance, the Location feature means that you can now see your photos displayed on a map, making it much easier to skim through your snaps taken on holidays.

Facial recognition means it’s now easier to find photos of your best friends and family members too, and Apple Photos will also support object and location recognition, so you can search for ‘horse’ and find all pictures of horses. If that’s your bag. You can also search for particular topics and times.

Photos are also now gathered into collections automatically, found in the new Memories tab. This collects related pics, along with map locations and related Memories so you can relive those fun times. And of course you can watch a cheesy slideshow of pics and movies from each Memory, complete with a slushy bit of background music (which can be altered based on tags you give each Memory).

Maps updates in iOS 10

Maps will also enjoy a face lift in 2016 for iOS 10, with a new navigation feature that works a lot like Google Maps’ navigation.

With Dynamic View you can see traffic conditions on the map in the form of coloured roads (red means bad times), as well as any petrol stations and services that are coming up. You can also re-route based on traffic conditions, with updates on how long each route will take.

In iOS 10, Maps also will include support for Uber, so you can book a cab in there instead of inside the Uber app, as well as offering restaurant reservations.

Apple Music updates in iOS 10

With 15 million paying subscribers now on board, Apple is making sure that it improves the Apple Music app for iOS 10. Hence, the Music app has now been re-designed to offer a fresh new home page. Features you use every day are emphasised, and searching through your downloaded tracks is now nice and easy.

You can connect to your favourite artists, with photos and other bits that they’ve posted online, and Apple Music will also recommend different playlists depending on the day (hopefully Monday will be an all-Radiohead depress-fest). Radio stations will also be easier to browse through, based on your current mood.

Apple News updates in iOS 10

Apple News is being expanded all of the time, with over 2000 news sources now drawn together into the app. To celebrate, Apple is redesigning the News app in iOS 10 to make it better-looking and easier to use. For instance, News will now recommend topics based on what you’ve read in the past, as well as offering up featured stories hand-picked by Apple’s in-house editors.

The new Subscriptions feature will also allow you to access your favourite papers and mags through the News app, such as Wall Street Journal, National Geo and so on right inside. Breaking news notifications will also deliver headlines straight to your lock screen, so you can stay in the loop without even bothering to unlock your iPhone or iPad. Hooray for laziness!

HomeKit updates in iOS 10

Apple’s new Home app is your new go-to place to access all of your home accessories.

Home’s ‘Scenes’ feature allows you to set up profiles for all of your home accessories, which then automatically adjusts your lighting and other IOT bits when you select a specific Scene. For instance, your Good Night scene could turn off the lights and other power-sapping accessories, while Good Morning can open your blinds and hopefully get a massive cup of coffee brewing.

Alternatively, you can fiddle with individual accessories right there in Home, to change the lighting to suit your current mood, play with your air con and so on.

Home will also be supported on the Apple Watch.

Phone app updates in iOS 10

Voicemail transcriptions is the biggest new feature for the Phone app in iOS 10. This will flash up a text transcription of any messages people leave, so you don’t need to bother calling your mailbox.

Services such as Tencent are also supported now in the Phone app, so you can see exactly who’s calling and decide whether to pick up or leave it alone. Good news if you constantly get calls from PPI spammers and the rest.

Messages in iOS 10

When you share links in Apple’s Messages app, you actually get photos as a more visual link. YouTube video links will actually play the video too. Emoji will also be three times bigger, while emoji predictions will pop up as you type. And once you’ve typed a message, you can even replace words with emoji, to properly dumb them down. Did we say dumb them down? We meant make them awesomely illustrative.

Bubble effects is another new feature, which animates your message when you send it. For instance, something like CONGRATULATIONS can explode onto the screen to really get the emotion across. The Full-Screen Effects feature is similar, allowing you to turn the background into animations like a fireworks display. Great news for any epileptics out there.

Random iOS 10 updates

There were also a few random iOS 10 features announced by Apple at WWDC 10.

For instance, you can now clear all current notifications in the Notifications Tab, at long last. Just 3D press and tap Clear All, and the whole lot will disappear. You also now get a new music section in the Command Center, accessed by swiping left, which gives you full album art and track info as well as in-depth controls.

And the new Split View mode in Safari now allows you to put two websites side-by-side on your iPad.

But most excitingly, it looks like we might finally be able to remove Apple-branded apps from our desktops! Bye bye, Stocks, don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

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Check back soon for our full iOS 10 review.

The iPhone 6S is available on O2 now.

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