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iOS 5.1 announced, coming today

Apple’s Tim Cook has taken the wraps off of iOS 5.1. The latest version of the operating system that runs iPhones and iPads has been announced and it’s coming out today. Not just announced today but actually coming to your iPhone today. 

Japenese Siri support: iOS 5.1 updates Siri for iPhone 4S

iOS 5.1 brings with is a number of new changes to iOS experience. Some of them, like Japanese langauge support for Siri we’d heard rumours of before; now it’s official and out in the open. 

Apple TV support: iOS 5.1 hooks in to Apple TV

Apple TV has been given a big overhaul, bringing support for 1080p HD movies. TV shows will be viewable a day after they’re aired and when you take pictures on your iPhone, it’ll now automatically appear on your Apple TV’s menu via iCloud sync.

We’re bringing this to you live from Apple’s event at San Francisco, via the livecast at London. Stay tuned for updates.


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