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Apple could have kept Google Maps on iOS for another year

Those users enjoying the additional features of iOS 6, may have encountered the shortcomings of Apple’s new Maps application. Reports started to emerge following the release of the iOS update that discrepancies and errors were rife within Apple’s new in-house Maps app, which replaced the Google services-based application in the jump from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6.

It was common knowledge that part of Apple’s decision to shift towards their own proprietary Maps app coincided with the end of a licencing agreement with Google alongside the launch of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, however as stated by The Verge, it now transpires that Apple still had a year in hand before they would have to relinquish Google support for their older Maps application, so why make the move sooner than they needed to?

Apple Maps VS Google Maps

The decision most likely came from increasing rivalry between both Apple and Google and it’s no surprise that the Cupertino-based company wanted to distance themselves, with the announcement of iOS 6 at WWDC 2012 serving as the platform to do so. The update to iOS 6 also removed the native YouTube app that’s been available on iOS since its inception.

Much like the separate YouTube app, now available from the App Store which Google had to develop to replace the native iOS version, the announcement of Apple’s new in-house mapping app has also prompted the development of an equivalent Google Maps app for iOS, which although unfinished, will offer an updated service which iOS users should recognise.

In some ways, the ability for Google to now develop their own in-house app enables them to add a number of features that were previously lacking for the version integrated into iOS 5.1.1 and previous. Back in June, Google told the Wall Street Journal that they wanted more prominent branding within the iOS Maps app, along with the ability to include ancillary services such as Latitude and turn-by-turn navigation.

Of course ultimately, the decision rests with Apple to approve a new Google Maps app such as this, but if it does make its way to the App Store, will you stick with Apple’s new Maps app, despite its lacklustre performance, or allow a little bit of Google back onto your iPhone?


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