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iOS 8 Beta 4 lands, fixing a whole load of bugs

The fourth beta of iOS 8 has arrived and although there’s nothing new in the build, it does fix a heap of previously reported bugs.

Developers rejoice! The fourth iteration of iOS 8 has landed, replacing that buggy third beta and adding in a couple of feature tweaks.

The update is available for any developer with iOS 8 beta 3 already installed and can be installed either directly over the air, or downloaded from the developer portal and installed via the ever-wonderful iTunes.

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iOS 8 beta 4 features and bug fixes

Many of the updates seem to address bugs reported in the previous beta build, including those related to Facetime, iCloud Drive, Game Center and Family Sharing.

However, there are a few sneaky new additions to the beta – and while they may not be the most exciting news you’ve had all year, they do improve the look and feel of iOS 8.

First up, Apple has tweaked the Control Center design by removing the black borders from icons and making it look generally slicker. Also, when icons such as Bluetooth are activated, they turn a bright white colour, making it much clearer to see what’s turned on and what’s turned off.

You’ll find a new Tips app built into the update too, which unsurprisingly gives users little hints on how to use iOS 8 more efficiently. The tips will help you get around faster, and point out any features you might not already know about.

Finally, the Display & Brightness menu has been moved from its position in the Wallpaper settings for easier access. It allows you to adjust screen brightness, tweak the text size, and activate bold text, while gestures that were previously exclusively reserved for the Mail app can now be assigned across the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars section of the Settings app.

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After being announced at WWDC last month, iOS 8 is only available for developers at present, but it’s thought it will roll out to consumers in the autumn when it has been fully tested.



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