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iPad 2 available now on UK Apple store. 2-3 weeks to wait, already


The iPad 2 order page is now up on the Apple online store- ready to take your order.

Clicking through the order screens,and Apple show an estimated time of arrival in excess of a fortnight.

In their exact words, order now and it should get “dispatched” within two and three weeks. And that’s when the site went live. Yowser.

The page shows the two different iPad models; 3G and WiFi, and WiFi-only.

Curiously, O2 is listed beneath the 3G-capable version of the tablet, though they have confirmed they won’t be stocking the tablet, only data plans.

Mistake? Some old coding from the previous iPad’s order page? We don’t know, but will try to find out tomorrow. Where’s T-Mobile?


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