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iPad 2 coming soon: iPads selling out in Carphone Warehouse, John Lewis, Argos. New stock incoming?

If you’re looking to buy an iPad, it may be worth either holding off for a bit or searching quickly- 9 to 5 Mac spotted that Carphone Warehouse currently only stock the 16GB and 32GB WiFi versions of the iPad on their online shop, and we’ve decided to have a closer look around the current iPad market in the UK.

We called a Carphone Warehouse spokesperson to see whether there was iPad stock incoming, and we’re still waiting for their response.

Stock winding down, no foreseeable date for more in-store… To us ‘new release’-hardened Recombu types- we sniff rumour. Mainly more iPad 2 rumours, one of our favourite types of rumour.

It’s a Apple strategy we’ve seen before; moving elderly versions of their iPods or Macs out of stock, and replacing them with their newer faster, smaller replacements.

We completed an unscientific search for iPads here in the UK, beginning with John Lewis,  who have only  the WiFi 16GB and 64GB models left in stock. You can leave your email with them to contact you if they do get more stock in.

Stock in Argos stores is also patchy- none in stores near us, but home delivery is still possible at the moment, while Currys and PCWorld kept schtum on their own stock, not displaying availability on the site. You may be able to get one through them- it’s just that we didn’t need to buy a new one just yet.

Both T-Mobile and Orange have recently cut the prices on their iPad range; both offering iPad WiF+3G for £99 with a 24-month contract. For Orange, that’s a big cut from the earlier price of £229.99 for new customers with £27 per-month contract, though it’s worth taking into account that’s a two-year contract you’ll be signing, and the world of tablets has barely started to heat up.What about all those Android-powered tablets? Motorola’s Xoom is coming soon.

We expect to hear some official, concrete, really-honestly-true-promise iPad 2 news soon. Until then, check out this ‘rumoured’ first iPad 2 hands-on video. 27 inches of iPad?


UPDATE: Carphone Warehouse have told us that they are not out of iPad stock. Nothing on model specifics or when they’ll be getting more stock in.


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