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iPad 2: Hands-on pics

The iPad 2 smart cover in action. As you can see, it sits really well on top of the tablet and keeps the screen nice and safe. Not so sure about the back though, which will inevitably be scratch-central after a week without a cover. It uses a pair of magnets to ‘stick’ to the left hand side of the iPad and appeared to always align perfectly with the device. It was definite Apple-designs-it-best territory, and felt a lot nicer than any other cover I’ve seen for current gen iPads.

Home screen and display look exactly the same as that as previous iPads. Only difference is the FaceTime cam sitting above the screen.

The iPad 2 is really thin. Somehow Apple have succeeded in making it thinner than the iPhone 4, which is pretty magical in itself. The tablet is lighter as well, but still feels relatively good in the hand.

Not so sure I like the redesigned back; the slightly more rounded edge definitely made the tablet easier to hold, but I don’t think it looked as good.

The iPad 2 from the front.

A bit of PhotoBooth in action. The app was seriously fun and had all the usual weird cam effects you find on the Mac OSX version.

The A5 chip is powerful enough to render a heap of cam feeds, at once as you can see from this PhotoBooth shot.

The display felt a little bit quicker and more sensitive to touch.

GarageBand’s drums in action. A definite source of annoyance for any long car journey.

A really cool website that happened to be the homepage on all the iPad 2s on display.

The white and black iPad 2 next to each other. Personal fave: white.


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