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iPad 2 revealed next week? Apple event set for March 2

It’s been revealed that Apple are preparing for another one of their fan-baiting announcements in the middle of next week.

On Wednesday March 2, Apple will be holding the event in San Francisco, where signs point to an official announcement on the iPad’s successor.

Kara at All Things D, who scooped the news of the event, mentions various analysts predictions for the new possibly-must-have tablet.

Improvements rumoured include a higher definition screen, perhaps even rivalling the iPhone 4’s retina display, front and rear-facing cameras (something surprisingly missing from the first iPad), powerful Qualcomm multi-mode chipsets, and an all-round thinner, lighter iPad for 2011.

We’re also expecting an NFC chip crammed in there, another big trend for portable electronics this year.

Apple will have to pull another amazing trick out of their bag to keep their stranglehold on the tablet market; rival tablets are coming. Not only the powerful dual-core processor-packed Motorola Xoom, but LG’s 3D capable Optimus Pad, and even HTC’s stylus-toting Flyer. They’ll all be packing versions of Android, Google’s own OS, seen by many as the only credible rival to Apple’s iOs and iTunes.

Google have even gone to the effort to created their own, tablet-specific version of Android, Gingerbread, and it’s looked and worked great on our limited hands-on tests at last week’s Mobile World Conference.

Made by Google, this means greater integration and expansion of all your favourite Google sites and services. So far, we’ve seen full-screen Gmail, a 3D carousel displaying YouTube, Google Talk, (Video Talk?), and the 3D tilting, rotating glory of Google Maps.

We’ll be sure to get all the juicy details next week. Until then, speculation mounts on the truly big question; when are we getting our white iPhones? Or perhaps not.

(We took the picture from this brilliant iPad 2 ‘reveal’ video.)

Source: Kara at All Things D


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