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iPad 2 rumours: No SD slot, no HD screen upgrade for latest tablet.

Only days away from Apple’s big announcement coming up on 2 March, mysterious sources have been talking to Engadget, and have split the beans on rumoured features that won’t be making it onto the new iPad.

They have nixed the idea of an SD card slot, seen on several mock-up iPad 2 shells from as early as CES in Las Vegas at the start of this year. (We also think that an SD card expansion won’t suit the Apple ethos, and complicate those lovely clean tablet lines.)

One interesting point is that the new iPad may not get a screen upgrade to high-def beauty. If we put on our tech spec spectacles on, the current iPad has none-too-measly 1024 × 768 resolution XGA screen. The trusted source has placed the blame on ‘engineering issues’, which has caused these very recent adjustments to the rumour-laden tab.

So what do we expect from the new iPad? It looks like we could be getting a sort-of iPad S; an iPad with a screen size and resolution matching the first one, but with faster insides and more RAM for better multitasking.

We’ll have our man reporting (and live-blogging) from Apple’s big announcement in London, so make to sure to come back here for Wednesday March 2, 6pm.

Source: Engadget


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