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iPad 2 Smart Covers in detail

It wasn’t just the insides Apple was paying attention to with the iPad 2. The Smart Covers, shown off at tonight’s event are pretty revolutionary themselves.

More than just a simple dust jacket, the Smart Cover is at once a stand that allows for easy typing, and it can also double as a prop for when you want to watch movies or TV (either on the iPad 2 itself or streamed from your iTunes on your Mac).

No more coat hangers dangled-from-the-ends-of-our-beds jobbies or designer wooden pretend TV sets.

The microfibre covering of the Smart Cover casing also means that any dirty great finger marks you leave over the screen will automatically get buffed off when you close the cover. Nice!

Best of all, the Smart Covers attach to the outside of the iPad 2 not by clips, not by hooks, but by magnets. Magnets that are strong enough to attach to the sides securely, but presumably not strong enough to mess around with the iPad 2’s internal memory (we hope). Reports are coming in that the Insane Clown Posse is confused.

The Smart Covers will be available in a range of colours and materials. You’ll be able to buy polyurethane covers in pink, orange green blue and grey, and beige, tan, black, dark grey and red leather.

The only thing we don’t know about at the moment is how much are these going to cost. Until then, have a gander at the video below and then at our hands-on pics. And then start saving.


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