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iPad 2 specs and release date leaked on Amazon Germany: 9.7-inches, 1.2GHz chip, coming 17th of March

Looks like the herrs and fraulines over at Amazon Germany have let die katzen out of the bag. A screengrab that was sent to YourAppleDaily shows an ‘Apple iPad2 16GB’ listen on what appears to be Amazon Germany’s site.

The page, which has apparently been taken down, shows an iPad 2, and lists it as coming with a 9.7-inch screen, a 1.2GHz processor and a camera.

No mention of the screen’s resolution or whether the processor is single or dual core. There’s also no mention of the camera’s resolution, or whether it’ll come with a front-facing partner, enabling Facetime.

Curiously, a Thunderbolt connection is listed among the spec. Thunderbolt is a connection that supports high resolution displays and is a feature of the new MacBook Pro.

There’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well (shocker) and a release date of Thursday the 17th of March, or two weeks tomorrow.

A price point of €499 has been given as well, which works out at roughly £423 – more or less what a Wi-Fi only 16GB iPad cost here on launch last year.

Obviously this should be taken with a dose of the old sodium chloride. But you have to wonder, with the announcement of the iPad 2 just hours away, if someone at Amazon Germany had just made an epic boo boo. We’ll know for sure in just a matter of hours. We’ll be reporting live from Apple’s London event so stay tuned for all of the official details as they come in.

Source: TechRadar


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