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iPad 2: Thinner than iPhone 4, packing cameras, same price, here March 25.

Well, after all that rumour and speculation, it’s here. The iPad 2, and it ain’t just a skinnier rehash. Here’s the highlights from Apple’s big announcement- there was a lot to talk about, but we’ll keep it short here.

A thinner, faster, lighter iPad

The iPad 2 is as thin as an iPhone 4, at a slight 8.8mm. Unbelievably weighing just under 600g, it will have Apple’s latest dual-core A5 processor, while managing to keep a battery-life similar to the old iPad.

Talking about the old iPad, its slimmer, better-looking replacement will cost about the same.
It’s a bold move for Apple, and one that will have all those Android tablets considering their next move.

iPad 2: You can have any colour, as long as it’s Black or White.

The newest iPad will be available in both black and white- from launch. Overzealous white gadget fans rejoice.

Oh. Alright. A bit of colour.

All-new smart covers will add a bit of colour, and will attach to magnets on the iPad 2’s frame; open and close the cover, and this will sleep or wake the iPad. In all the colours of the rainbow. And it’s all flexy-foldy to prop up for films, or cooking tutorials. Play with an interactive version on Apple’s site here. More on the interactive covers here.

Videochat on the iPad

At their big event on March 2, Apple also showed off their new Photobooth app, with Facetime shown in use between two iPads. Yes, everyone was right, two cameras. You’ll be able to switch between the front and rear-facing cameras while in use to show off what you’re doing, or your own beautiful mug.

Name your price.

This gets a little complicated. There’s six models available, no counting the choice of colour; three 3G, and three WiFi-only. Sizes range from 16 to 64GB with a midweight 32GB model inbetween.

Memorised that? Well Apple say prices will match the old models, which is a serious boon to the iPad. 

Expect the queues to form the night of the 24th- the iPad 2 comes out on 25 March 2011.

Will you be there?


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