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iPad 3: Quad-core A6 processor looking very promising

Despite the fact that iOS 5.1 will run very well on a single-core CPU (the iPhone 4 is in line to get it) the beta sent to developers hints at support for some quad-core love.

Those guys at 9to5 Mac have uncovered a nice little fact about iOS 5.1’s core-management software indicating that the latest version of the OS not only supports the dual-core A5 processor, but also four-cores. With its release expected in the next months along with the iPad 3, there is every possibility the new tablet could indeed sport the much hyped A6 chip.

What’s more compelling is the fact that iOS is updated on a loosely annual basis. Having had an update for developers last June, we can guess that iOS 6 will drop around summer / autumn this year along with the iPhone 5. Unless the iPad 3 or another interim device is quad-core therefore, there is no need for iOS 5.1 to support this much power.

By no means is this concrete proof, Apple could have dropped this feature in for a multitude of reasons. That said, with less factors than before to doubt that the iPad 3will indeed be quad-core, things are hotting up for the imminent release this spring.

Source: 9to5Mac


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