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iPad dual-screen gaming in the works

Nintendo’s Wii U, aims to offer a unique console gaming experience with its interplay between screen-laden controller and TV. Apple’s iPad has by comparison, been strictly mobile on the gaming front, but the work being carried out by Brightcove may mean we’ll be playing games both on our iPad and Apple TV.

In an interview with The Verge, CEO of Brightcove Jeremy Allaire casually exclaimed that “the mythical Apple television set that everyone talks about is already here.” Before you turn head over heels and jump onto Amazon Brightcove specialise in video technologies and has even produced a set of iOS tools to help developers create apps for the platform, as such this instance refers to the company’s work with both Apple TV and iPad.

Utilising Apple’s AirPlay technology, Mr Allaire demonstrates how an iPad can be used, not only to stream video to a nearby Apple TV, but allow for content to be displayed and interacted with using the iPad. 

In this simple demo a game involving filling in missing words was used, but the potential could result in a Wii U/DS-style gaming experience, where the user plays the game being streamed to Apple TV, whilst receiving visual feedback to his ‘controller’ in the form of the iPad.

The potential for the level of multitasking involved will only increase as future iterations of Apple iPad are released and it would appear that Google is looking into producing a similar system with the introduction of the Nexus Q at Google I/O.  As the iPhone and iPod opened the floodgates of mobile gaming wide open, the same could happen with the pairing of iPad and Apple TV.


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