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iPad inside a G-Form Extreme Edge case becomes space-proof (video)

We’ve seen iPads withstand bowling ball abuse when clad in G-Form’s protective gear. Pretty impressive, we think you’ll agree. What’s more impressive is that G-Form’s products can protect your iPad should you drop it from the upper reaches of the atmosphere.

Yeah we know, happens all the time. Have a few pints on a Friday, head off to Camden, next thing you know you’re in space and you drop your iPad.

G-Form decided to really go out of the way with this promotional stunt; the team slipped an iPad into G-Form’s Extreme Edge case, attached it to a high altitude weather balloon and sent it heavenward.

100,000 feet later, the balloon perishes and the apparatus, with a digital camera attached, falls back to terra firma. After the fall, the iPad appears to emerge from the G-Form case unscathed, fit and working.

People in the comments are quick to point out such trivialities as ‘terminal velocity’ and all that but they’re missing the point. If an iPad can withstand being sent up to space in a G-Form Extreme Edge, then it ought to handle everyday wear and tear just fine.

Granted, the chances of you accidentally dropping a bowling ball on your tablet are about as slim as you dropping one from the edge of the world. But in ‘extreme’ terms, space-proof > bowling ball proof. So there.

The G-Form Extreme Edge fits around the original iPad and iPad 2 and can be had for $44.95. For shipping to the UK, you’ll need to add on an extra $20, which, after conversion works out at around £42.15 altogether.

Source: YouTube via Redmond Pie


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