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iPad Pro 9.7 speakers test vs iPad Pro 12.9

iPad Pro 9.7 speakers test: We review the quad-speaker audio of the iPad Pro 9.7 and test it against the original iPad Pro 12.9, to see if there’s any difference.

The original iPad Pro boasted some seriously meaty speakers, a massive step up in terms of audio performance compared with the iPad Air. You have four speakers, arranged two on the top edge and two on the bottom edge, which then blast stereo sound when the iPad Pro is propped up in landscape mode. Not only are they great quality, but they’ll cut through all kinds of background noise – reassuring if you’re trying to watch some Netflix while you cook in a noisy kitchen, for instance.

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The good news is, Apple has once again given us a quad-speaker setup for the all-new iPad Pro 9.7. Of course, as this new iPad Pro is smaller than the original, you might assume that the speakers aren’t as powerful. That’s why we did a full test with a decibel meter (and our well-worn ears) to see how they compare, in terms of power and audio quality.

The iPad Pro 9.7 definitely impresses in terms of power, hitting around 80db the same as the iPad Pro 12.9. We were easily able to hear the iPad Pro 9.7 over the rowdy background chatter and clatter in our office, and the likes of humming microwaves and boiling kettles are no match either. So like the bigger iPad Pro, you can once again enjoy movies or music in your kitchen.

The original 12.9-inch iPad Pro pumps out better bass, almost strong enough to vibrate the entire desk. Bass is sadly a lot more subdued on the smaller 9.7-inch Pro, but besides that, audio quality is comparable. The Pro 9.7 still sounds fantastic for a smaller tablet and you’ll struggle to find better audio on a device this size.

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