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iPhone 4 plus MiFi equals FaceTime fun (almost) anywhere

Apple’s new FaceTime video-chat only works on iPhone 4 when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, which is a bit of a restriction if you’re out and about. Call us slow, but we’ve only just twigged that if you have a MiFi mobile broadband adapter, you ARE on a Wi-Fi network, even though it’s running off a 3G connection.

Recombu boss Andrew Lim is at Silverstone today – it’s a hard job, etc etc – and he’s also testing out 3’s new Mi-Fi adapter. So I just FaceTimed him, and it worked (see right). That’s some cars going round a track in the distance, not overtaking each other in customary F1 style.

Anyway, it certainly makes FaceTime a bit more useful, even though I’m assuming you need strong 3G reception to make it work. FaceTime video chats from the beach, campsite or football stadium? It’s perfectly feasible now…


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