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iPhone 4S 68% faster than iPhone 4

So while the iPhone 4S didn’t totally satisfy all the juicy rumours we’d been hearing about an iPhone 5 (where’s our bigger screen, Mr. Cook?), the few lucky so-and-sos who were fortunate enough to get their hands on Apple’s latest iPhone ahead of launch celebrated by running a few benchmark tests on that new A5 processor.

The results? Well, it’s faster than the iPhone 4, obviously, but according to their findings (presented above in graph-format) it’s also only slightly less well-specc’d than it’s larger brother, the iPad 2.

According to GeekBench, specialists in gadgets and the clocking thereof, the iPhone 4S comes out of its benchmark tests with a score of 623, compared to the iPhone 4’s 360. What do these numbers mean? Well, they’re a numerical representation of processing speed and memory performance, according to the GeekBench website. That’s all the detail we’ve got, but they seem like trustworthy folk, and remember: higher is always better.

So while the iPhone 4S is 68% faster than its predecessor, it clocks in slower than the iPad 2, which scores 751. Does this mean we could see Siri coming to iPad 2s? We’ll let you know when we do.

Source:, MacRumours


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