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iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 stocking essentials

Whether you’re shopping for the iFanatic in your life, or you’ve recently gotten hold of an iPhone 4S (and you want to casually let your nearest and dearest what you’d like for Christmas) here’s our run down of the top ten gadgets and accessories that ought to be on your radar.

All items listed here are UK-based or have a UK shipping option, so you’ve (hopefully) got plenty of time to get your orders in, or together your own personal Christmas wishlist together.

Proporta Aluminium Lined Leather Case

iPhone cases are a dime a dozen it seems, but we couldn’t not mention at least a couple of our favourites.

This super-smart Aluminium Lined Leather Case from Proporta protects the screen of your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 with a solid aluminium plate, while wrapping the rest of the phone in a soft leather case, coming in black or brown.

Available to order direct from Proporta now for £29.95 (including Standard Delivery), this should arrive with 2-3 working days of the order being dispatched.


Twelve South BookBook

More arcane in style than the Proporta case is Twelve South’s BookBook case. Designed to look like an ancient leather-bound tome, the BookBook protects your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 while also acting a holster for ID and credit cards if you wish – so it can also act as a replacement wallet in a pinch.

Though made in the US, Firebox in the UK has Twelve South’s BookBook in stock and is selling them for £49.99 each. Free delivery is included as standard, with orders arriving in 4-5 working days. Next day delivery (via City Link) is available for an extra £5.95 if you need it.




Though you won’t be unblocking any drains or sinks with these any time soon, the iPlunge miniature plungers will stick to the back of your iPhone 4S (or pretty much any phone for that matter) and act as a kick stand.

As well as being unbelievably cute, the iPlunge is a steal at £1.99 from the No.1 Gadget Store. They’re available to order in an array of colours too – black, white, blue, pink and yellow – but it looks like they’ve currently sold out of red ones.

Amazon seller Hamdis currently has stock of the red iPlunge (if you absolutely must have a red one) where they’re going for a bit more – £4.99.

No. 1 Gadget Store


Spider Podium Universal Desk Stand

Perhaps not one for arachnophones, the Spider Podium Universal Desk Stand is a sturdy, pliable stand that’s got legs – four to stand your iPhone up on your desk and another four to hold it upright.

As well as being able to twist and bend the legs to provide whatever viewing angle you like, the Spider can be used to grip on to poles, bedposts and, with due care and attention, can be mounted on the air vent of your car. So in a pinch this can act as a cradle for use with sat-nav apps as well.

The Spider Podium is available to order now from for £14.95 (plus £2.99 shipping).


Update: At the time of writing this item is out of stock, but more stock is due in on Monday the 12th of December.


Headphones – Sennheiser CX281 and Atomic Floyd SuperDarts

We all know that the supplied Apple buds aren’t that great; here’s a couple of other options for your consideration.

Sennheiser’s CX281 cans have been optimised for iPhones and feature an inline volume control. They’re inner-ear types with rubber buds that give you a measure of isolation that the bundled iPhone cans simply don’t. The CX281’s also come with an adaptor, allowing a friend to plug in with their ‘phones and listen to whatever you’re playing on your iPhone.

The Sennheiser C281’s are available for £31.99 from iHeadphones now, with additional next day delivery available for an extra £5.99.


Those with expensive tastes might want to consider Atomic Floyd’s SuperDarts. Put simply these are the best iPhone-specific headphones we’ve used in terms of durability, sound quality and insulation.

The cables are kevlar-coated, providing exceptional wear and tear, so these aren’t likely to break after a few months of being carted around in your bag. The bass and treble response of these headphones is simply excellent; the high and low end of songs is perfectly balance and the expanding rubber cones ensure that there’s next to no sound leakage.

Such quality comes at a price though; at £199 (24 hour shipping included) you’ll have had to really really love who you’re buying these for/have been very very good this year.

Atomic Floyd

Mircrofibre wipe cloths

The oleophobic coating of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 goes some way to stopping them from becoming unsightly fingerprint magnets, but nothing is totally safe from grimy fingermarks. This microfibre wipe cloth can be had for less than £3 from Amazon UK and will help you and yours keep your iProducts nice and shiny.


2 metre-long iPhone charger cable

Let’s face it, the USB/mains adapter cable that comes bundled in the box with your iPhone doens’t have a huge amount of reach. For just £5.99, you can extend your radius of iPhone charging action by a whopping 2 meters.

Ideal if you’ve got a busy office/messy workstation where you’ve got multiple gadgets and devices all using mains power at once (like our office).



Like a smaller, less expensive and more eco-friendly version of the Megaphone that we saw the other day, the iBamboo is an acoustic (i.e non-battery powered) speaker dock that’s been designed for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

Made from a hollowed out piece of bamboo, the iBamboo is available in a plain, unpainted edition or in black. Total cost and shipping to the UK works out at $40.00 US (roughly £25).



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