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iPhone 4S pre-orders begin on Vodafone: Pre-order today, get £59 cashback in November

The iPhone 4S is available to pre-order from Vodafone now on a number of 12, 18 and 24 month price plans.

16GB editions of the iPhone 4S, out on the 14th of October, can be had away for free on £46 and £62 24 month deals and £51 and £67 on 18 month plans. There aren’t any 12 month contracts where the iPhone 4S is free, but this is true for nearly all smartphones on 12 month plans, so we’re not that surprised.

The most expensive offering we’ve seen is the 64GB iPhone 4S on a £36 a month deal; while you get 300 messages, unlimited texts and 500MB of data, the price of the phone climbs to £479.

Taking the sting out of the tail somewhat is a £59 cashback offer, which Vodafone says will be credited back to you in November.

So in theory, if you ordered the iPhone 4S 16GB on the £41 deal (900 minutes, unlimited texts, 750MB of data) you’d be able to effectively get the cost of the phone covered when you get your £59 the following month.

We’ve just spoken to Vodafone who told us that the deal is a limited-time thing. They weren’t able to tell us when the deal would expire, so don’t sit on the fence if you’re weighing up pre-ordering.

Vodafone also told us that the deal would apply regardless of which iPhone 4S tariff you go for.

More updates on this and iPhone 4S pre-order fun from elsewhere when we get it.

Source: Vodafone


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