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iPhone 5 could be without ‘death grip’?

Early reports indicate that the recently announced Verizon iPhone is without the reception issues that plagued iPhone 4 handset at launch.

Those who rushed out to buy the handset at launch last year found themselves facing reception problems caused by what has become known as the ‘death grip’. The nickname came about after owners discovered that gripping the phone in certain ways led to a drop in reception. This was as a result of making contact with the black strips that separated parts of the iPhone 4’s antenna band.

The newly released Verizon iPhone 4 however appears to have none of these issues. According to a report by slashgear, the handset has had its reception problems eliminated due to a redesigned antenna.

You would hope that the iPhone 5 would be without reception problems, and that Apple had learned its lesson after being forced to give out free cases. The fact that the Verizon iPhone doesn’t have ‘death grip’ problems pretty much confirms this. Better yet, for those waiting for an iPhone 5 reception cure, Apple looks to have found the formula.


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