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iPhone 5: “Future product transition set for September quarter” say Apple

Apple has announced during its quarterly financial meeting that a ‘future product transition’ will happen in the September quarter.

Going no further than that, the clever money is on this transition being for Apple’s iPhone range. It is approaching a year and half since the iPhone 4 was released to the public, and there’s been plenty of rumours and half-truths about how the next generation iPhone will turn out.

Apple’s Chief Financial Officer, Peter Oppenheimer, said that Apple had “a lot going on in the fall with iOS 5 and iCloud”, alongside a “future product transition that we will not talk about today” that would have a material impact on the September quarter.

Many suspect the iPhone 5 will arrive as part of Apple’s annual music event, where the latest generation of iPod is typically announced; with the current focus on cloud music, it wouldn’t be a massive stretch to see a new iPhone make an appearance then. There’s also been rumblings of staff recruitment ahead of a September reveal, with iPhone experts getting snapped up for August.

What can you expect to see on the iPhone 5? Is it worth waiting? Check out our summary.


Source: Apple Insider


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