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iPhone 5 release pushed back to September-October according to suppliers

Those hoping for some iPhone 5 love from Apple this summer may be in for a wait – word has come up from those in the know that Apple is keen on giving the iPhone 4S a 12 month lease of life before announcing the sequel.

If those speaking to Japanese blog Macotakara are to be believed, then September-October launches for the next iPhone look to be the shape of things to come going forwards:

“We talk about the next iPhone, seems to be around before and after 1 year to 10 September announced 4S iPhone, and this cycle seems to continue for a while… the next iPhone will be released in September or October , and this cycle seems to be kept for years.” [via Google Translate].

This flies in the face of previous rumours we’ve heard; production of the Apple iPhone 5 is already said to be underway, which would suggest a launch is sooner rather than later. But then again the iPhone 4S was launched despite beginning production in early 2011.

That said, MacRumours mentions that its heard from an unnamed component supplier that an autumn release is now looking more likely.

New iPads are now expected to launch in March, Apple’s WWDC event – where new iPhones were traditionally unveiled – is normally held in June-July and new iPhones now look to be unveiled around September-October. That’s three big dates on Apple’s calendar to break the year up for you.

Predicting Apple’s next move is like divining the future by peering at tea leaves. We won’t know what the score is until Cupertino says so. Leaks, hints and rumours have in the past pointed us vaguely towards the truth, but who could’ve predicted Siri and the impact its had?

Rumoured specs and details of the iPhone 5 suggest an aluminium body, a 4-inch screen and a higher resolution. We’d expect the usual incremental upgrades in the usual areas – camera, memory, screen res – and the iPad 3 launch will no doubt give us some food for thought. Until that happens though…


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