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iPhone 5 will get bigger screen, thinner border, according to leaked parts

According to yet more leaky fun from an Chinese Apple part reseller, the iPhone 5’s touch screen. looks to be very similar to our current iPhone 4, but with a weird TARDIS-esque plan that would make the screen bigger, but leave the rest of the phone face a similar size to its older brother

Placement of the camera and home button are retained from the 4th iPhone, which nixes rumours of a button-free iPhone 5.

Notice that the black border around the screen, has been super-slimmed at the edges. with only a few mm of black at the left and right sides.

There’s an interesting mock-up below from Piotrek, showing a believable iPhone with this new face to compare with Apple’s current release, though the part above the screen seems a bit wonky compared to the touchscreen cut-out leaked. Expect more leaks to prolong the suffering until its release, rumoured to be delayed until September 2011.


Via: 9to5Mac


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