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‘iPhone 5C’ could be the name of the ‘budget’ iPhone

Multiple rumours and reports have suggested that Apple is busy working on a “budget” version of the iPhone that will be sold alongside the flagship model, and we may now have a hint of the name for the handset. An image originating from Chinese site WeiPhone – relayed by MacRumors and – shows a bin full of packaging for the “iPhone 5C”, possibly pointing to the name of the long-rumoured “budget” iPhone.

The packaging looks to be plastic too, which would be a change of pace for Apple. The company typically uses sturdy cardboard for its phone packaging, which is more environmentally friendly. There isn’t a clear look at the top of the plastic lids either, but the lip surrounding the edge means that Apple could use a clear lid, showing off the contents not unlike the iPod touch. The “C”, then, could stand for “Colour”, as rumours have indicated that Apple will offer the cheaper iPhone in a myriad of different hues.

The “budget” iPhone has been seen in multiple leaks over the past several months, showing a handset that shares the 4-inch screen from the iPhone 5 but in a different chassis. Apple looks to be using a polycarbonate shell for the handset instead of aluminium finish – possibly to keep costs down – that will allow the use of different colours. As for when we might see the iPhone “5C”, all signs seem to indicate that it may be introduced in September alongside the iPhone 5S.


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