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iPhone 5S and 5C hands-on pics, cases thrown in for good measure

You want hands-on pictures of the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C and we’ve got them, kicking off with the latter:

iPhone 5C

Looking suspiciously Nokia Lumia 620-esque wouldn’t you say?

And it comes in other colours too:

Green iPhone 5CWhite iPhone 5C

Apple iPhone 5C Blue

And what about the expensive one?

White iPhone 5Sgrey iPhone 5S back

It also comes in colours, ish:

iPhone 5S colours

iPhone 5S black and whiteApple iPhone 5S white and silver back

But it does have colourful cases:

iPhone 5S cases

Not satisfied? You know where to go for more on the iPhone 5S and 5C, and stay tuned to our YouTube channel tomorrow where we’ll be posting an everything you need to know guide to both these peachy offerings.


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