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iPhone and iPad iOS 4.2 update out today?

After weeks of wishing and hoping, rumours and delays, we may finally see the iOS 4.2 software update hit our iPhones and iPads. A source “close to the matter” told Tech Radar that the update should be out later on today.

The update brings with it a fix to the iPhone alarm clock bug and some minor improvements to the iPhone software, but the big news is iPad multitasking. This will see you able to hop between applications by double-tapping the home button just as you do on the iPhone.

If previous software updates are anything to go by, the UK can expect to see it hit iTunes early this evening so keep those peepers peeled.

Update: The Apple iOS 4.2 web page has gone live and Apple has announced that the update will be available from iTunes today. Worth trying at around 6pm UK time as most Apple updates go live at 1pm New York time.


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