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iPhone developer sim Game Dev Story gets ported to Android phones

Game Dev Story is a management game that places you in charge of a team of game developers. The object of GDS is to churn out the next hit game for a series of punningly-titled consoles, manufactured by the likes of Intendro, Sonny and Segra.

We’ve been hooked on this Sims-style game ever since it arrived for the iPhone and now it’s (finally!) available for Android phones as well.

Game Dev Story loosely follows the real-life history of the console and PC gaming market of the last 20 years or so, so if you know a bit about the histories of Nintendo and Sega for example, it’ll come in handy here.

In fact, much of the fun to be had from Game Dev Story is derived from the nerdy little in-jokes. One of the characters is called Steve Jobson, one of the Segra consoles is called the Uranus, and if your devs are flagging, you can perk them up with Dead Bull energy drinks.

It’s all rather postmodern and reference-heavy, but if you’re a fan of management games and video games in general then we urge you to check this out now. It’s available to download on pretty much every Android phone – hit up the link below and scan that barcode. Game Dev Story is priced at Y400 which works out at £3.10.

Once you’ve played through the game a couple of times you might want to check out Stuart Dredge’s l33t strategy guide for Game Dev Story. It tells you how to maximise the potential of your devs as well as how to unlock the elusive Hardware Engineer job class; which’ll allow you to develop a games console of your own.


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