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iPhone dock is also an analogue clock: Not as attractive as we’d like

There are plenty of apps to turn your iPhone’s screen into a clock – be it digital, flip, pictorial or nonsensical – but this iPhone dock from Exspect takes things one step further.

The alarm clock dock transforms your iPhone into the final piece of an analogue clock and can wake you with a buzzer, FM radio or your iPod music and will charge your handset as you sleep. The required app will automatically download the first time you dock your iPhone 4, 3G, 3GS or iPod Touch.

It’s a clever idea but the clock face is a little ugly – it’s not going to complement my bedroom which has been carefully put together in a French vintage style, after all.

You can nab the clock dock (whose official name is the TIME speaker dock) from HMV, Amazon or for around £49.99.


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