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iPhone gets slide-out keyboard accessory, looks a bit chunky

“You know what an iPhone really needs?”

“A proper keyboard.”

You can now silence those BlackBerry-toting friends you’ve ignored until now with this slide-out keyboard case for the iPhone 4. Aside from adding a bit of weight and doubles the thickness of the phone when in side the case- bumping it up to 20mm.

But what you get is all the functions of your iPhone- with a handy Qwerty keyboard for those longer text missives and Google Doc collaborations.

The sliding keyboard connects to your phone through BlueTooth, whilst it also boasts a handy stand on the back for your YouTube viewing pleasure. With its own battery, it can be charged through your computer’s USB, and there’s also an AC adapter in-box.

Out now in Japan, there’s no news yet on whether we’ll be seeing this in the UK- it does take away some of the iPhone’s handiness but if you can’t bare other keyboard-packed smartphones, it could be worth an import. A pricey addition to the iPhone- on Amazon, it currently costs 9980Y, (£77)

There’s also stiff competition from Boxwave’s Keyboard Buddy, whose sliding keyboard pops out horizontally.


Via: GetNews


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