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iPhone picnic defence game Must.Eat.Birds arrives on Android

We’ve heard of tower defence games but this takes the cake – Must.Eat.Birds. has got to be the first ever picnic defence game out there.

Hungry birds parachute down from the top of the screen, hoping to feat on the spread of delicious cakes you’ve laid out.

You defend your precious horde by catapulting Nomsters (weird hairy fish things) towards the slowly descending birds.

We don’t know why the birds don’t use their wings like normal ones, but whatever.

Must.Eat.Birds both looks and plays like a cross between (you guessed it) Angry Birds and those old phone-in games that they used to play on Live & Kicking.

It’s been out in the iTunes App Store for a while, but now Must.Eat.Birds has graced the Android Market. Support for OpenFeint is included too, with pun-tastic achievements like Gateaux Blaster and Menagerie Au Trois waiting to be unlocked.

Must.Eat.Birds costs 59p for iPhone and Android. iPhone owners can also check out the free Lite version of the Must.Eat.Birds before buying the full edition.


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