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IRIS 9000 makes your 2001: A Space Odyssey nightmare a reality

Hands up: how many of you asked Siri to open the pod bay doors after unboxing your brand new iPhone 4S? And how many of you wish the HAL comparisons would never stop?

Your wish is ThinkGeek’s command, who are putting together a special little something to keep you entertained long after the novelty has long worn off. The IRIS 9000 is a voice control module that will let you dock the iPhone 4S while still utilizing Siri. You can either speak your commands into the included remote microphone, or hope your voice is picked up by the build in microphone in the module.

After that, you can squeal with delight as the red LED eye pulsates to the dulcet tone of Siri’s voice. You’ll also be able to make regular phone calls (people still do that?).

Your credit card might be poised and ready to go, but you’ll have to wait until April 2012 to get your hands on one from ThinkGeek. Don’t forget getting it from America to the UK, either.



Source: ThinkGeek via SlashGear


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