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Jawbone UPdate brings new features to UP2 and UP3

Owners of the Jawbone UP3 and Jawbone UP2¬†fitness trackers can enjoy new heart rate and sleep features from today, thanks to a free firmware update. Here’s what new features the Jawbone UPgrade brings and how to update.

New passive heart rate monitoring

The UP2 and UP3 can already monitor your resting heart rate (taken first thing in the morning, before general life turns you into a ball of trembling stress). Put simply, it’s a pretty accurate way to check if your heart is growing stronger as you train.

However, with this new Jawbone update, the UP bands will also capture your passive heart rate.¬†Basically, this is an automatic recording of your pulse taken throughout the day, whenever you’re not rushing around- another good indicator of how generally healthy your heart is, and a simple way to see what everyday factors stress you out and put pressure on your ticker. Smart Coach can then dispense even smarter tailored advice.

Automatic sleep detection

The Jawbone UP2 and UP3 will now automatically detect when you pass out and track your sleep cycle, to tell you if you had a decent kip when you awake. And because your Jawbone UP now automatically enters sleep mode, you no longer have to tap the band to manually switch modes. Nice.

How can I update my Jawbone UP2/UP3 and when does the upgrade go live?

The Jawbone update is ready to roll out to your UP2 or UP3 right now. Just download the latest version of the UP app (version 4.7) from the App Store or Google Play and then load up the app and check for updates. The latest Jawbone Up firmare will then download and automatically install on your wearable.


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